Computerized accounting practices and Sustainability of small and medium enterprises

  • Published: December 11, 2023


In this study, we report on the effect of computerized accounting practices on the sustainability of SMEs in the Techiman Municipality of the Bono East Region of Ghana. The explanatory research design was employed to examine 285 respondents who participated in the study. The census technique was used to include all 285 participants from both small and medium enterprises in the Techiman Municipality.  The questionnaire was the main instrument that was used to collect data for the study. Data collected were analysed by the use of descriptive (means and standard deviations) and inferential (regression) statistics. It emerged from the study that SMEs in Techiman Municipality highly adopted transactional accounting information, moderately adopted financial accounting practice and least adopted management accounting information. There was, however, a positive relationship between the adoption of computerized accounting practices and the sustainability of SMEs such that computerized accounting practices accounted for 27.5% of the cause of variation in the sustainability of SMEs. Therefore, there is a need for management to focus on the permanent improvement of the computerized accounting practices of SMEs to enhance their operations.  The implications of the findings and the possible recommendations are further discussed in the study. 


  • Computerized Accounting
  • Sustainability
  • Small and Medium Enterprises