The influence of halal experience, attraction experience, perceived value on tourist loyalty and tourist satisfaction as mediation in destination-based analysis.

  • Published: July 26, 2023


This study aims to provide a response to the questions put out in earlier Halal tourism studies, specifically how Millennial Muslim travelers establish allegiance when they travel to domestic or foreign places. 432 Indonesian Muslim Millennials who were willing to participate in the survey provided the data. This study demonstrates how the Halal experience and attraction experience affect the perceived value, satisfaction, and loyalty of Muslim Millennial tourists by using partial least squares structural equation modeling. Halal experience is regarded as a significant component in influencing Millennial Muslim pleasure while traveling to domestic locations, but it is not as significant when traveling to foreign locations. Additionally, while traveling to local or foreign locations, the experience with tourism attractions has a greater impact on perceived value, contentment, and loyalty than the experience with Halal. 

  • Halal experience;
  • attraction experience
  • perceived value
  • tourist satisfaction
  • tourist loyalty